Backlink Assistance Refund Policy

  1. Your order is going to be completed within the Delivery Time given in the Description of every Product available in the Backlinks Shop.
  2. We guarantee 100% refund for a link if it was not Successfully Installed within the Delivery Time Period for the selected Individual Backlink or Bundled and Package Backlinks.
  3. We guarantee that permanent links will be checked for being alive for at least 6 months, (This implies only on Individual and Bundle Guest Blog), doesn’t imply on 2500, 7500, and 20,000 Backlinks Packages.
  4. We guarantee that the page where your backlink is placed won’t have such attributes as “noindex” or “nofollow” unless you want them to have these attributes by checking the appropriate checkbox or letting us know in any other way. We guarantee that the purchased ad link will contain the anchor text provided by you, the Customer, during the order placement.
  5. No Refund will be made, if the customer just changes his mind after placing the order, replacement of the link is possible if the user wants to change the website or keywords for his order within 3 days after placing the order, please contact us in such case.
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